The 3 Best Smallcases To Invest

Simply put, a smallcase is a basket or bundle of stock curated with a lot of thought and care by master finance professionals. Resultantly, a portfolio of stocks or ETFs is created to represent a certain theme, strategy, or investment objective. 

5 reasons that make smallcases the superior investment scheme – 

  • Created and managed by highly skilled SEBI licensed professionals. 
  • Investors don’t lose ownership of their capital. 
  • Customized to align with the investor’s investment goals and priorities.  
  • Encourages diversification of investment portfolio, thereby, reducing risk. 
  • Active management by financial specialists leads to higher returns without compromising safety. 

The 3 Best Smallcases to Invest In

1.Smallcap Multibagger 

Companies that have a market valuation of less than Rs. 5000 crores are considered small-capital or smallcap companies in India. Although they are notorious for being volatile, when chosen thoughtfully high-yield smallcap smallcases can generate unparalleled returns. Smallcap companies have remarkable upside growth potential which makes them a great place for investment. Especially, for investors with a high risk appetite. They can be considered to be the underdogs of stocks with immense potential. As institutional investors focus on the Bull Run, generate incredible returns by investing smartly in smallcase multi-bagger. 

2. Best NIFTY (Bluechip) Companies – “HQRP Philosophy”

For the uninitiated, NIFTY 50 is the flagship market index that exhibits and tracks the portfolio of the 50 largest Indian companies listed in the National Stock Exchange (NSE) also called Bluechip Companies. 

The Best NIFTY smallcase bundle features the 25 best companies of the NIFTY 50 Index. Our financial experts incorporate the “HQRP” philosophy while curating this smallcase basket. Resultantly, we incorporate only “High Quality” or “HQ” companies that have debt/equity below 1x among various other parameters. 

We make sure to buy companies at the “Right Price” or RP to ensure safety margins while generating steady returns. The companies’ Reasonable Valuation is compared with its earning potential. This smallcase is best suited for investors with a low-risk appetite. 

3. High Dividend Yield + Capital Appreciation

This smallcase bundle features 15 to 20 high-yield companies that have a promising potential of generating consistent dividends and capital appreciation. Our experts take a multi-cap approach while curating this bundle by incorporating a diverse mix of small-cap, mid-cap, and large-cap stocks. While the small-cap stocks are meant to generate towering returns, the large-cap stocks infuse a sense of security into the blend. You will be constantly updated with well-researched news, results, and announcements about the smallcase. 

Our seasoned research team picks companies with a strong balance sheet and low debt on books. Companies with reasonable valuations are compared according to their earning potential. This smallcase is again a great choice for those with a low-risk appetite.


Smallcase is a contemporary take on investments that is revolutionizing the investment ecosystem in India. It is great for amateurs and seasoned investors alike. So, what are you waiting for? Start your smallcase journey with these best smallcases to invest in.