Smallcase vs. Mutual Funds: An Unbiased Comparison

A diverse stock portfolio features stocks from different types of investments – such as bonds, stock, ETFs, and likes – from different companies, industries, risk profiles, and countries. Proponents of this approach see a diverse portfolio as a safety net against market volatility. Diverse portfolios significantly cut down the need for close monitoring which has made it a favorite among busy millennials. 

Smallcase vs. Mutual Funds

Simply put, mutual fund companies pool money from investors and invest the money strategically in assets like stocks, bonds, and debts. Every investor holds a portion of shares from the combined holdings. Mutual funds are seen as a traditional, if not outdated, financial vehicle by modern investors. 

The multifarious benefits of diversifying stocks led to the emergence of smallcases – a super-smart tool of investment that’s tailored by experts to reflect an idea, theme, or strategy. Smallcases are a bundle or basket of stocks with a framework that’s very similar to mutual funds. However, it is touted to be the better alternative for the following reasons – 

  1. A better bargain 

Although the expense ratio of actively managed smallcases and mutual funds are mostly on the same plane, it is the returns that make all the difference. The stark difference in returns is sure to shock you (pleasantly, if you are planning on investing in smallcases). At, we furnish our investors with comprehensible performance charts to compare the returns of smallcases and equity stocks. You can also find a comparison of Price-to-Earning (PE) Ratio, Price-to-Book (P/B) Ratio, Sharpe Ratio, and Dividend Yield to help them make an informed decision. 

2.Crystal clear transactions 

Smallcases are highly customizable and investors have the liberty to customize their stock bundle. Mutual funds, on the other hand, pool in money from many investors. The fund manager builds a portfolio and invests accordingly. Investors do not enjoy the convenience of customizing their own stocks. 

When you invest in smallcases, you can not only take a look at stocks in the bundle but also have the liberty to customize the bundle. 

3.Welcome dividends into your bank account 

Smallcase stock bundles feature stocks that give handsome dividends. And, you get this surplus profit credited directly to your bank account when you invest in smallcases. You may use this money as you please. At Green Portfolio, we make special bundles that ensure a higher dividend yield. You do not get to enjoy this benefit when you invest in mutual funds where dividends are erratic. 

Invest in Smallcases in 4 simple steps – 

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