Smallcase Investment: The Safest Bet for New Investors

Warren Buffet started investing at age 11! The sensational investor still regrets not starting earlier. But, we get it. Not everyone’s blessed with the same business flair and investor’s intuition as Buffet. So, does that mean you refrain from investing? ABSOLUTELY NOT! That’s where Smallcase investments come to play. 

For the initiated, Smallcase investments are a bundle of 2 or more equities or exchange-traded funds curated by highly experienced financial professionals who are well-versed in the realm of investments. Smallcase investments can be classified into 3 broad categories based on their overlying theme – 

  1. Bundles created according to the risk appetite of the investor 
  2. Bundles created with stocks from a certain industry like technology. 
  3. Bundle created keeping a financial model in mind 

Who should be investing in Smallcases? 

  • People who do not have the time to conduct thorough research on companies they want to invest in. 
  • Investors who want to diversify their investments to reduce risk and increase yield. 
  • Newbie investors who want a sense of security while investing. 
  • Teenagers who want to indulge in investing early on but are overwhelmed by the thought. 

Things to know before investing in Smallcases 

  1. Investors need to have a Demat account to start their investment journey. Once you buy a smallcase bundle, money is deducted from your trading account and the shares are transferred to your Demat account. 
  2. One has to find the perfect smallcase investment platform like Green Portfolio that offers you fantastic stock portfolios without compromising on security and convenience. 
  3. Although you can trust the expertise of our investment geniuses, you should always check the stock portfolio yourself before investing. Check the proportions of the stock in the bundle and the market value of the companies. 

Making investments was never this convenient and beginner-friendly. So, what’s holding you back? Start your investment journey NOW!