IPL portfolio for FY22: Experts put together 11 stocks to help you hit your long-term goals

Investors should pick a mix of stocks that provide the desired returns with bearable risks. Well-researched stocks, especially leaders in a particular sector, will cushion steep slides during market downturns, say experts.

India’s biggest cricket event, the Indian Premier League (IPL), has started on a fiery note. This is the second season which will be played under COVID-19 restrictions, under which no ground audience is allowed, taking away a lot of fun from the game.

If we draw parallels between the Indian stock market and the IPL, there are a lot of similarities. To remain in the game, each team has to survive 20 overs in IPL or 50 overs in a one-day match.

Similarly, if one has to generate wealth,investors have to remain invested for a longer period and that requires patience. If your stock selection is strong, just like team selection, more than one player or stock will give multibagger returns.

There are many similarities that can be drawn from cricket with the market in general, which can guide investors to withstand the tide of volatility/downturn in the economy.

“Right from the selection of cricketers through auction, our portfolio also goes through the first level of screening after analysing the underlying companies. Before auction, a team of expertsembark on a detailed evaluation of all potential players,” Dinesh Rohira, Founder, CEO,5nance.com, told Moneycontrol.

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